How to club health supplements to your balanced diet


A balanced diet is not a fad. We have all read in schools what a balanced diet is. It is having a wholesome meal that ensures that our body gets all the necessary nutrients. The concept of a balanced diet is relative. It differs from person to person depending on the general health of an individual. Now what nutrients should be present and in what proportions is decided by certain factors: gender, lifestyle, age, history of illness, body metabolism. Having a balanced diet is the key to maintaining a proper health condition. Balanced diet ensures that you have eaten all the food groups in an optimum proportion as needed by your body. These food groups include macronutrients like protein, fat, carbohydrate and micronutrients like calcium, minerals, vitamins and naturally plus super lutein.

To maintain your physical well-being your body required a good portion of whole foods and adequate amount of physical activity. In order to get a balanced lifestyle, you can follow the following tips:

  1. Try to have at least five portions of fruits and vegetables every day.
  2. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water every day.
  3. Try to have at least two portions of fish in a week.
  4. Ensure you do not skip breakfast.
  5. Try to include more physical activities and exercise in your daily routine.

Balanced diet and health supplements:

It is very easy to say that have a balanced diet. But in today’s fast paced life it is very difficult to reach the ideal scenario of having a balanced diet every day. With stress levels rising, one tends to binge eat on junk food that affects the digestion. This adversely affects your body’s ability to absorb the necessary nutrients. Similarly, there is hardly any time to cook. People eat more and more canned food with lots of added preservatives. These chemicals hamper your body metabolism.

Apart from this lifestyle problems, there is a major problem in today’s agricultural process. With extensive farming lots of fertilizers and chemicals are being used that is hampering the nutritional value of the crops. Also, as the yield is more, there is a need to preserve the crops in cold storages and warehouses. These prolonged period of storing also kills the nutritional value.

This is the reason that along with your wholesome you include health nutrients like vitamins and naturally plus super lutein, so that the body can replenish the missing nutrients.


How does lutein benefit your holistic growth?

Holistic growth is an overall growth—both physical and mental. It is approach that emphasises on the idea that instead of taking care of the health from the perspective of protecting it from diseases, one can focus on the overall well-being of a person. Holistic health has been in discussion over the past few decades, although it has been existing for quite some time. Holistic medicine talk about how an individual should be treated rather than talking about the treatment method in general. It is all about protecting the body from diseases. This is done by supplementing the body with enough health nutrients so that the body can resist even age old diseases. Supplements like vitamins, calcium and naturally plus super lutein help in maintaining an individual’s health in general.

Role of lutein in holistic growth:

There are different ways in which naturally plus super lutein benefit the body to achieve a holistic growth. Here are some of the benefits of lutein:

  • Eye health: the carotenoid helps in protecting the vision. Lutein prevent macular degeneration by maintaining the thickness of the macular. Even cataract growth is inhibited by lutein. Overall lutein is beneficial for the eye health as it reduces eye fatigue, glare and sensitivity, it increases the strength of the eye tissues, the increases the density of the lens and thereby improves visual acuteness.
  • Improves skin health: lutein is also good for your skin. It improves the hydration process of the skin, thereby increasing the elasticity. As it is an antioxidant, it reduces any damage caused by oxidation. It improves the health of the skin in general by reducing peroxidation of fats and lipids.
  • Benefits the cardiovascular system: lutein also found in blood serum that improves the state of your cardiovascular system. It reduces the peroxidation of fat and cholesterol in the blood. By this it inhibits plaque formation.

These are some of the major benefits of lutein. These reasons go onto prove why lutein supplements is needed by the body. As we start ageing the body is unable to form lutein. This is the reason why with age we tend to have weaker eyesight. 15-20gms of lutein the body needs every day to keep healthy. Eating green and leafy vegetables like spinach and egg yolk on a regular basis can ensure that the body has enough lutein to remain healthy.


How can lutein help improve your eyesight


Lutein is a health supplement that is very important for the human body. Naturally plus super lutein is known as the vitamin for the eyes. Lutein is found to be naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables as carotenoids.  Leafy and dark green vegetables are rich in lutein content. Lutein is found in food items like kale and spinach. Egg yolk is also a rich source of lutein, along with protein. The macula of the eyes is where the carotenoid is found. The retina, lens and optic nerves contain the lutein in a much lesser amount. This one antioxidant is especially good for the eyes. Naturally plus super lutein is required as it blocks the blue rays that can cause a lot of damage to the eyesight.

How does lutein protect the eyes?

Lutein is one health supplement that can naturally protect the eyes by inhibiting macular degeneration (AMD). This is the most common reason for blindness in adults. A survey has shown that more than twenty five million people all across the world are suffering from age-related macular degeneration or cataract. These problems are usually found in people above the age of fifty-five.

Lutein is a protection for the eyes. It blocks harmful shortwave ultraviolet rays that adversely affects the macula and the retina. A research in Harvard University has found out that if on an average six milligram of lutein supplement is taken daily then it can reduce the risk of macular degeneration in an individual by forty three percent.

In another study it has been found out that higher intake of lutein in one’s diet along with zeaxanthin and vitamin E can reduce the risk of cataract formation. It has been seen that amongst the elderly people, taking lutein for three times in a week for two to three years has improved vision.

Lutein has other benefits for the eyesight as well. For example, it helps to reduce fatigue of the eyes, light sensitivity and glare. Lutein also helps to maintain the appropriate density for the retina and the lens. It strengthens the tissues of the eyes and helps to make vision more accurate.

Although lutein is beneficial for the eye health in general, but how much lutein is needed by an individual is decided by their body. Sometimes with high intake of food antioxidants, it is possible that the lutein in the eyes is not enough. That is when doctors prescribe supplements.


Why are health supplements needed after forty?

The human body is like a factory with many machines that function in synergy for the factory to be up and running. These machines are our organs and tissues. But like any other machinery, even the organs and tissues need maintenance. To keep age related ailments at bay, these machines must be functioning properly. After the age of forty, organs and tissues begin to degenerate. For the organs to be functioning properly and the body to be able to fight the diseases that tend to trouble the body from middle age, the body needs health supplements.

After forty the body does not function the way it used to do in the twenties. Muscles begin to degenerate, women experience menopause and undergo many hormonal changes. This leads to gaining of weight. The risk of chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart diseases is high. This is the reason that the body should be well armed with nutrients both macronutrients and micronutrients like vitamins, naturally plus super lutein, calcium, sodium and potassium. These nutrients are not always sufficiently supplied by the daily meal that we have (even if we are taking the wholesome diet). This is when health supplements are needed.

Why are health supplements needed?

Health supplements are needed for several reasons, like:

Extensive farming with pesticides and chemicals are practised by every farming. This leads to soil depletion and the crops that yield are poor in nutritional value. This is one reason health supplements are needed to replenish the missing nutrients.

As food is produced in large quantities they need to be stored in cold storages and warehouses. This prolonged storing makes the food lose its nutritional value. Thus again health supplements help to replenish the depleted nutrients.

Everyone is leading a super-fast life, especially in urban areas. This leaves people with very little time to cook food. The only option is to have canned food. But the processed food with all the preservatives fail to be nutritionally adequate. Thus after forty various health problems like diabetes, poor eyesight, blood pressure trouble the body. This is when you need vitamins, naturally plus super lutein, calcium and other health supplements.

Lastly, high level of stress is another reason why food does not get digested properly. Hence body loses out on nutrients. This is again a reason why health supplements are needed.


Impact of Flies on Your Business

Do you know that flies can become a big threat to your business if not checked on time? This is particularly true for the food and beverages industry. While compared to pests such as cockroaches and rodents, flies are known to cause the highest cases of employee illnesses. However, the big question is why so?

The reason is that houseflies are capable of spreading a large number of harmful diseases. According to an estimate by the WHO or the World Health Organization, flies can transmit as many as 65 types of diseases. Such diseases have an adverse effect on both staff and customers, eventually leading to a loss in income, staff retention and brand reputation.

Diseases caused by flies

Contrary to mosquitoes that can transmit the disease into your body directly, flies do not bite and are indirect contributors of diseases rather than causing them directly. According to the WHO, flies carry diseases like eye infections, skin infections, and diarrheal diseases have also proved that flies are capable of transmitting food borne pathogens along with resistance to antibiotic and associated toxins.

How can you prevent the occurrence of diseases transmitted by houseflies?

You need to take certain proactive measures to prevent diseases caused by flies and housefly. Such measures can bring down the presence of the houseflies in and around your business and home.

Maintain food hygiene

You can adhere to the following food hygiene practices to prevent the diseases spread by the flies.

  • You should store raw ingredients in a proper hygienic manner. Moreover, vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly before using them.
  • Processing gadgets and areas where you prepare your food should be always hygienic.
  • Utensils for drinking, cooking, and eating should be cleaned properly before using them as well as after being used.

Destroying breeding sites

Some of the breeding sites for flies like animal sheds, excrement and garbage can be the key sources of fly-borne diseases. When you eliminate such breeding sites, the risk of flies carrying the harmful micro-organisms will get reduce. Moreover, flies will also get reduced in your workplace or home.

Professional fly control

Hiring a good pest control company is the most effective method to prevent diseases caused by houseflies. A professional company is capable of offering proactive solutions and services to prevent and control houseflies. So, you can save your worries and get them control flies in your office or home in a professional manner.

Foods that Improve Eye Health

“The eyes are the mirror to the soul.” The meaning of this proverb is that the expression in a person’s eyes reveals the underlying emotions experienced by that person. Additionally, our brains use visual stimuli to process information and make decisions. Owing to the latter reason, it is essential to keep our eyes in good condition and prevent any type of degeneration of the eye.
Effective nutrition is vital to keep the body fit and healthy. Certain foods are rich in nutrients that help in maintaining healthy eyes and reducing age-related degeneration of the eye. It is advisable to consume the recommended intake of these foods. A few of these eye nourishing foods are described in the rest of this article.

Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens like spinach and kale are rich in the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. The zeaxanthin as well as Lutein benefits are numerous. The macula, the tiny central part of the retina, has a large amount of these two nutrients. The function of the macula includes central vision and fine detail in vision. As a person ages, the degeneration of the macula can occur resulting in a significant loss of central vision. There is a considerable amount of evidence that a diet rich in lutein and zeaxanthin can mitigate the age-related damage in the macula. Blue light, which can cause oxidative damage to the macula, is absorbed by lutein. Additionally, evidence suggests that these two nutrients can reduce the risk of developing cataracts.


A good source of lutein, zeaxanthin and Vitamin A, eggs can boost eye health tremendously. A diet rich in eggs can prevent night blindness and dry eyes. Although the concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin in eggs is lower than in leafy greens, age-related macular degeneration can be prevented by regular egg consumption.


Packed with omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant, nuts like pistachios, almonds and walnuts help prevent eye disease and reduce the loss of vision while aging.

Colourful Vegetables

Carrots, tomatoes, guavas, and strawberries, are very good sources of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. While Vitamin A boosts vision, Vitamin C is an excellent anti-oxidant which reduces the oxidative damage caused to the eye while aging.


Sardines, mackerel, salmon and tuna are a remarkable source of omega 3 fatty acids. Healthy eyes require a diet with a high concentration in these fatty acids.
Given the varied food sources rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the eyes, people should make the best use of these foods to maintain optimum eye health.

Types Of Facelifts In Singapore

In the past few years, looks have become an important factor for Singaporeans. They see it as a way of socializing with others. From young to old, everyone seems to have become conscious of how they look. For this reason, the cosmetic industry in Singapore has witnessed a boom. One of the most common cosmetic procedures is known as facial rejuvenation or facelift. It has been used by many people over the last couple of years, in order to achieve a young and youthful look. A lot of research has gone into developing the technique and a wide range of facelift options is available today. Here is a list of 5 common facelifts Singapore and its people have become most fond of in recent years.

1. Thread lifts

Thread lifts are another method that is gaining popularity in Singapore. A thread lift procedure involves the use of thread materials that are used in stitches during surgery. The threads are placed under the skin and are used to tighten the region around the face and neck.

2. S-Lift

The S-Lift procedure is usually done on the lower part of the face – the neck and jawline. The name comes from the S-shaped incision that the surgeon makes in order to separate the upper layer of the skin from the underlying tissues. The muscles and tissue are then tightened to give the face a slimmer look. The jawline and neck becomes more expressive and the face looks younger overall. The procedure is minimally invasive and therefore preferred by many over the other traditional surgery techniques.

3. Skin Only Lift

Cutaneous or skin only lifts are done in the lower facial region and the neck. The procedure involves small incisions around the ear that allows surgeons to dissect the skin from the underlying muscles. Excess skin is stretched and the remaining part is stretched to the incision point before it is closed. This form of muscle tightening technique provides a more youthful look to the patient’s face.

4. MACS Lift

The MACS and the Quicklift are modified procedures based on the S-Lift technique. The only difference is that the MACS Lift procedure requires more time than the S-Lift. But the results are more dramatic and that is what makes it a good option for candidates with minor facial aging.

5. subperiosteal facelift

The subperiosteal facelift treats the soft tissues in the face and uplifts the skin to provide a rejuvenated and younger look.


The different types of facelift procedures available are gaining worldwide popularity and are used by a number of young and old people to tighten their skin.

Myths vs facts about eye vision

Eyesight is very important for every one of us. Therefore, we should take all possible care to protect our eyes. Those who are above the age of 40 should especially ensure that the lutein in their eyes is at adequate levels. If these folks fail to take the required steps, they are likely to be affected by vision loss, cataracts, and so on. Though lutein can be obtained by consuming green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach, egg yolks, certain varieties of fruits and corn, not everyone seems to evince interest in eating such healthy foods that can supply to them a good amount of lutein. This means there is no other alternative for people except to go for suitable supplements for getting lutein.


Why even experts consider that lutein is important

  1. It is a known fact that only the skin and eyes are the only two organs exposed directly to the external environment, which means they bear the brunt of free radicals that are waiting in the wings to harm the human system. Lutein can effectively counter the negative impact of free radicals on the body.
  1. Indoor lighting as well as sunlight have blue wavelengths and lutein can help in filtering the high energy that emanates from them. It can significantly reduce the impact of the blue light on the retina of the eyes and bring down the risks of developing muscular degeneration or cataracts.

The human body does not produce lutein and the foods we eat alone can supply it. But there are certain myths surrounding this substance. Let us have a look.


Myth # 1

Vision loss or weakening of vision is quite normal as we age.

Fact: If we ensure to get the required nutrients including lutein, we can continue to have a good vision even as we age.


Myth # 2

Multivitamins supply adequate lutein to us.

Fact: Though certain multivitamins contain lutein, the quantity available in them will not be adequate for maintaining the health of our eyes. So, we should either go for specific foods or opt for supplements in order to get the right amount of lutein for our eyes.


Myth # 3

Eating healthy foods will ensure enough supply of lutein to us.

FACT: Unless we specifically eat leafy and dark green vegetables like kale, spinach, etc. as well as other items such as green peas, broccoli, lettuce, and green beans, we cannot get enough of lutein. If we are not able to consume these items regularly, we must go for lutein supplements.


Myth # 4

We can afford to wait until we are affected by eye problems.

FACT: We cannot foresee when issues like vision loss, cataracts, etc. may affect us. So, it is better to take preventive steps like eating the right foods or consuming lutein supplements for our eye health.

Why is drinking Izumio necessary?

Water is popularly known as H2O. This means that water comprises of 2 parts of Hydrogen and 1 part of Oxygen. Even though the water has Hydrogen in it, it does not easily reach all the cells of the body.

Hydrogen is quite essential for the health of a person. Though, we need Oxygen to breathe, we need more of Hydrogen in water. Due to this reason, de-oxygenated water has a number of advantages. Water that is rich in Hydrogen has a number of health benefits. It acts as an anti-oxidant, which can prevent inflammations and cell damages. By lessening the effect of free radicals, it can fight against the growth of cancerous cells, while protecting the DNA.

So, why does one take Hydrogen in water? Hydrogen is a very light gas and evaporates quickly. So, it is not easy to take Hydrogen in any other form. But, when the water is enriched with Hydrogen, it goes directly into the cells. The water is made Hydrogen-rich with the help of a chemical reaction. A ceramic stick, which contains Magnesium, is dipped into plain water. The Magnesium brings out a reaction, which helps in generating Hydrogen.

Given below are some of the benefits of Izumio water:

  1. Improves Metabolism: Some people suffer from metabolic syndrome, which involves obesity, high cholesterol level, resistance to insulin and hypertension. This syndrome can also lead to type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. These people can see an improvement in their health by taking hydrogen-rich water.
  1. Effective for diabetic patients: Hydrogen water can reduce the bad cholesterol in the body and can improve the glucose metabolism.
  1. Protects from the side effects due to radiation treatment: People, suffering from cancer, have to undergo radiation treatment. The radiation treatment can leave the cancer patients tired and drained out. If these patients drink hydrogen water, they can reduce the side-effects of radiation, thereby, improving their quality of life. Also, it does not compromise with the anti-tumour effect of radiation.

These are just some of the reasons for drinking Izumio Hydrogen water. There are a number of other Izumio water benefits that can improve the health of a person in a great manner. Depending upon the severity of the condition, a person can drink up to 5 – 6 packets a day. The best part about drinking Izumio is that it can even be fed to patients who are unconscious, by putting small drops on their tongues.

An Overview of the Most Popular Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are extremely popular these days. However, they should not be used as a substitute for regular food. Rather, they are recommended for those people who cannot get their daily nutrient requirement from their daily food because of their dietary choices. For example, vegans might miss out on certain nutrients present only in animal foods. Pregnant women and nursing mothers might also require dietary supplements as their nutritional requirements are considerably higher compared to the nutritional requirements of normal women. Finally, senior citizens who have poor ability to absorb nutrients and people with food allergies might also need to supplement their diets.

There are different types of dietary supplements available for varied requirements.


A multivitamin consists of a group of vitamins contained in a single pill. Multivitamins are recommended for people who are deficient in a particular body function that cannot be solved through the nutrients in regular food. They are asked to choose a multivitamin with a specific set of vitamins that provide specific improvements in that particular body function that they are lacking in. For example, Naturally Plus super lutein is a multivitamin consisting of six carotenoids, blueberry, blackcurrant, DHA, Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex. The primary purpose of this multivitamin is to improve the eyes of older people with acute vision problems. It also has powerful anti-oxidant properties that result in other health benefits.

Sports Nutrition Supplements

Sports nutrition supplements are a group of supplements specifically designed to boost performance in sports. Owing to the wide range of activities, often contrasting, in sports, these supplements include a variety of products. The most popular product is Creatine, a supplement that provides excellent muscle cell recovery after activities that are performed at a very high intensity. Stimulants are also quite popular.

Meal Replacements

Ideally suited for people who have food allergies and people who cannot eat normal food owing to certain ailments, meal replacements can be very useful. Weight management programs also use this type of supplement to keep a check on calories.

Some of the popular vitamin supplements are Vitamin D, B vitamins and Vitamin C. Vitamin D is required to prevent osteoporosis and to ensure proper bone health. The vitamins that are collectively known as B vitamins are thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. Calcium is a nutrient essential for developing a proper bone structure. However, it is recommended that food sources of calcium should be chosen over dietary supplements of calcium like Naturally Plus super lutein.

Benefits of drinking Hydrogen water during pregnancy

Pregnant women will immensely benefit by drinking hydrogenated water like Izumio water. A number of researches have proved this. Let us now look at some of these benefits.

  1. Studies reveal that pregnant women may face frequent acidity issues because their body may have to deal with the acidic wastes of the child growing inside them. Since hydrogenated water is alkaline, it can help them surmount such acidity issues. Not only that, the baby in the womb of the mother will also get the benefits of this alkaline water and grow into a healthy child.
  1. Pregnant women may need more water than usual because the body of the child that is growing inside their womb is 75% water. Further, the amniotic sac that is growing is 100% water. It has also been proved that the volume of blood of a mother-to-be increases by nearly 50%. Very importantly, pregnant women may not be able to keep water down, thanks to the nausea and morning sickness that affects them.

Hydrogenated water like Izumio water gets easily absorbed into their body cells. Being ionized water, it can provide a settling and soothing effect to them and can help them in overcoming nausea.

  1. Hydrogenated water can lower the risk pertaining to pre-eclampsia, which is considered a potentially dangerous condition. It is the issue of excess acidity that a pregnant woman faces that causes this condition. Being alkaline water, Izumio water can help these women in protecting themselves from this condition.
  1. Hydrogenated water that has antioxidant qualities is capable of neutralizing toxins as well and hence, it can help in healing a number of health issues pregnant women may face.
  1. Izumio water can keep the blood pressure of mothers-to-be stable, lower the risks related to water retention and reduce swelling, if any, in their feet, ankles and the hands.
  1. It is a known fact that mothers-to-be should not strain themselves during their bowel movement because it may be detrimental to their overall health and may lead to other complications. By drinking the required amounts of hydrogenated water, pregnant women can keep the issue of constipation at bay. Not only that, their digestive system will work efficiently, thanks to the alkaline quality of this water. If the digestive system works well, they will not face any issues with getting the nutrients they require for maintaining their health. This will help in the growth of the child inside their womb as well.