How to go about learning SAP HANA as a complete beginner

How to go about learning SAP HANA as a complete beginner

SAP HANA is a revolution in terms of speed. HANA is an in-memory database for SAP. The entire database sits in RAM which makes it a lot faster than a traditional memory database. This allows complex queries and reports to be finished in a reasonable time.

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To learn about SAP HANA, you must learn about SAP first. That is a given. Read ahead to find out how you can jump-start your career in SAP. After learning about SAP you can move onto specialize in HANA.

How do I start?

To start with, ask yourself a few questions. The first question you should ask yourself is what you want to do with SAP. If you want to be a consultant, there are three general areas you can fill.

• Functional consultant (functional consultants specialize in one or more modules like finance, controlling, logical, etc.)
• Programming consultant (these consultants specialize in ABAP which is a SAP programming language)
• Basis consultant (basis consultants specialize in running an SAP landscape which includes the database, all of the internal and external interfaces, printing and monitoring and more)
If you wouldn’t like to be a consultant, would you like to work for an IT department of a company that runs SAP? If so, you can specialize in 1 of the three areas above or have a general, broad understanding of each.

After asking yourself these questions, you are ready to pick a training route.

You can –
• Take courses from SAP (this isn’t free and costs a bit of money)
• Take courses from any local training schools (this might be cheaper and easier depending on the school)
• Download the content and teach yourself (this is the cheapest option but is much harder than the above two)

Getting certified in an area of interest is also a plus point but some IT managers don’t really care about certifications. Some really only care about your experience, creativity and drive. However, don’t knock certification out of the window as it will give you a confidence boost and help you land a job much easier than someone without certification.


While SAP looks intimidating to learn, it can land you a very well paid job if you put the time and effort into it. Companies pay people well versed in SAP handsomely because they end up saving a lot more money investing in SAP. People who are SAP qualified enjoy very high paying jobs in the current job market and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.

Why SAP HANA is a game-changer

Why SAP HANA is a game-changer

SAP has cemented itself in the database industry with a game-changing database. It is called SAP HANA. SAP HANA is an in-memory database. With the introduction of HANA, it is now one of the leaders in the database industry.

SAP HANA can be quite a new technology to grasp for you and your company. However, with Hitachi ICT Solutions, you can be assured that your team will master it effectively. If you are looking for a SAP HANA vendor Singapore, you should definitely look for them. Check out their site today.

HANA is short for “High Performance Analytical Appliance”. In this article, we will explain how SAP HANA is different from its competitors.

So what does SAP HANA do differently from its competitors?
HANA is a database optimized for an analytical workload. For the sake of keeping this article brief, let us look at the two main design pillars of HANA, column base structure and in-memory base

Column base structure
HANA is designed to read and process an astonishing amount of data which looks similar for analytical purposes as soon as possible. Imagine you have pieces of paper with male and female on them and order each piece of paper into piles of paper for a whole school. That would be very large piles of paper. With HANA, you write down 300 males and 400 females on one piece of paper. Obviously, this is more preferable. This makes reading and analyzing data very fast.

In memory
By running a database in memory, updating 70 records can be with regular speed. Reading 10,000 records becomes blazing fast when data is kept in-memory.
A column based database and in-memory database results in transactional work having a similar speed to traditional disk-based databases. In addition to this, analytical work is much faster.

Many people wonder, if HANA is so game-changing why has no one done it before? Designing and creating an in-memory database design is no walk in the park. It is infinitely more complex than it sounds. You have to re-design and re-code everything to fit another memory and hardware type. Looking at this, it is right to say that HANA is a real innovation.

SAP HANA is a real innovation and game-changer in the database industry. It is helping small and large businesses alike around the world become more efficient and giving managers insight into what is happening in their business for decision making. SAP HANA has helped the world leap forward in terms of database management.

How to use business analytics to boost your business?

Business analytics is the study of data through statistical analysis, predictive models, optimization techniques etc. and the communication of the results obtained by these analyses to customers, executives etc. Business analytics requires Big Data. Big data is a collection of structured and unstructured data which can be utilized by proper analysis. By analyzing Big Data, the company gets insights on how to improve their decisions and strategic moves. Business analytics is said to improve a business. In this article, we will be talking about ways in which business analytics will help to improve the ways in which a business functions.

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It helps to define your ideal customer. Sales forecasting was previously made based on customer demographics, or previous sales performances etc. But now, with the use of data analytics, the companies can get information such as the websites frequently visited by customers, social media channels that are used more often, and even the section in their own website which has frequent visitors.

Along with knowing who your target customers are, business analytics helps in identifying where they are located, what are their preferences, how often they purchase items, their preferred way of contact and many such important factors.
Data analytics helps to bring in better and smarter marketing techniques. These techniques can be employed in various channels and various pages depending on the results that are obtained from data analytics. Using data analytics, the company can constantly optimize the marketing efforts through testing, measurement and the other ongoing analysis.
By getting to know the targeted customers, their preferred platforms where their marketing strategy will reach their targeted customers, the companies can invest wisely. They can invest more on those platforms where according to data, there will be higher returns in a shorter span of time.

When big data is combined with other algorithms such as machine learning algorithms, the businesses can personalize their offers to customers by placing promotions and offers on particular products based on customer’s interest.
Using online survey tools, the companies can conduct both quantitative and qualitative market research more quickly and efficiently at lower costs as compared to before. Data analytics also makes it easier to act on results of the data.
Using data analytics, it is easier to monitor how well the brand is doing across all the websites and social media sites using reviews, opinions etc. This can be utilized to improve the experience of customers.

Products at a paper exhibition

Paper and pulp industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Many industries depend on the paper and pulp
industry for their functioning like the newspaper industry, note making industry, publishing houses etc.

Paper is manufactured from wood and other materials which are rich in cellulose. The process of making paper involves cutting up wood and making a pump by adding water and a lot of chemicals and finally spreading it out uniformly and drying it. It is then made into big rolls called web.

This March, there will be a paper expo in Miami, USA. The Tissue World Expo is expected to attract prominent industry players and paper companies. This is an exhibition you do not want to miss if you want to be up to date about the future of the paper industry.

At a Paper expo/exhibition, many paper and pulp industries from all over the world display their products and hold a lot of conferences regarding new opportunities, latest technologies, new range of products etc. It provides an opportunity for business tie-ups. It’s not just the paper and pulp industries that participate in these exhibitions, the customers of these companies attend the exhibition too. The different people who participate in the exhibition are paper mill owners, paper merchants, publishers, paper importers and exporters, technology seekers, financial seekers, consultants, CEO’s and other important persons from related industries, box manufacturers, R&D professionals, Machine manufacturers, paper technologists, agents, paper converter, industries etc.

The products which are displayed on exhibition are specialty paper, art paper, kraft paper, metalized specialty paper, carbonless paper, corrugated paper, newsprint, paper and board, printing machinery and other related equipment, knives, blades, holders, rollers, quality control equipment, prepress equipment and software, binding equipment, print finishing equipment, lamination machines, film, foil, inks, corrugated box making machinery, folding carton processing equipment, testing equipment, adhesives, post printing processing equipment, pallet strapping and handling systems, paper cups manufacturing equipment, paper bag manufacturing equipment, wrapping and packaging machines, fill and seal machines, labelling etc.

The world’s leading paper manufacturers are China, USA, Japan, Germany, Republic of Korea, Brazil, Finland, Canada, Sweden and Italy. International Paper, Pacific Corp, Weyerhaeuser Corporation, Kimberly-Clark Corp, Proctor & Gamble are the top companies of paper which are situated in the USA. Stora Enso and UPM are the leading paper companies in Finland. Oji Paper and Nippon Unipac Holding are the top companies of paper in Japan and SCA is the largest paper mill in the world and it is situated in Europe.

The products that are manufactured by these companies are different varieties of paper, various hygiene products like diapers, tissues, wipes, towels etc., packaging products, paper bags, food containers, chemicals, products required for construction, lumbers, wood products etc., to name a few.

Types Of Facelifts In Singapore

In the past few years, looks have become an important factor for Singaporeans. They see it as a way of socializing with others. From young to old, everyone seems to have become conscious of how they look. For this reason, the cosmetic industry in Singapore has witnessed a boom. One of the most common cosmetic procedures is known as facial rejuvenation or facelift. It has been used by many people over the last couple of years, in order to achieve a young and youthful look. A lot of research has gone into developing the technique and a wide range of facelift options is available today. Here is a list of 5 common facelifts Singapore and its people have become most fond of in recent years.

1. Thread lifts

Thread lifts are another method that is gaining popularity in Singapore. A thread lift procedure involves the use of thread materials that are used in stitches during surgery. The threads are placed under the skin and are used to tighten the region around the face and neck.

2. S-Lift

The S-Lift procedure is usually done on the lower part of the face – the neck and jawline. The name comes from the S-shaped incision that the surgeon makes in order to separate the upper layer of the skin from the underlying tissues. The muscles and tissue are then tightened to give the face a slimmer look. The jawline and neck becomes more expressive and the face looks younger overall. The procedure is minimally invasive and therefore preferred by many over the other traditional surgery techniques.

3. Skin Only Lift

Cutaneous or skin only lifts are done in the lower facial region and the neck. The procedure involves small incisions around the ear that allows surgeons to dissect the skin from the underlying muscles. Excess skin is stretched and the remaining part is stretched to the incision point before it is closed. This form of muscle tightening technique provides a more youthful look to the patient’s face.

4. MACS Lift

The MACS and the Quicklift are modified procedures based on the S-Lift technique. The only difference is that the MACS Lift procedure requires more time than the S-Lift. But the results are more dramatic and that is what makes it a good option for candidates with minor facial aging.

5. subperiosteal facelift

The subperiosteal facelift treats the soft tissues in the face and uplifts the skin to provide a rejuvenated and younger look.


The different types of facelift procedures available are gaining worldwide popularity and are used by a number of young and old people to tighten their skin.

Myths vs facts about eye vision

Eyesight is very important for every one of us. Therefore, we should take all possible care to protect our eyes. Those who are above the age of 40 should especially ensure that the lutein in their eyes is at adequate levels. If these folks fail to take the required steps, they are likely to be affected by vision loss, cataracts, and so on. Though lutein can be obtained by consuming green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach, egg yolks, certain varieties of fruits and corn, not everyone seems to evince interest in eating such healthy foods that can supply to them a good amount of lutein. This means there is no other alternative for people except to go for suitable supplements for getting lutein.


Why even experts consider that lutein is important

  1. It is a known fact that only the skin and eyes are the only two organs exposed directly to the external environment, which means they bear the brunt of free radicals that are waiting in the wings to harm the human system. Lutein can effectively counter the negative impact of free radicals on the body.
  1. Indoor lighting as well as sunlight have blue wavelengths and lutein can help in filtering the high energy that emanates from them. It can significantly reduce the impact of the blue light on the retina of the eyes and bring down the risks of developing muscular degeneration or cataracts.

The human body does not produce lutein and the foods we eat alone can supply it. But there are certain myths surrounding this substance. Let us have a look.


Myth # 1

Vision loss or weakening of vision is quite normal as we age.

Fact: If we ensure to get the required nutrients including lutein, we can continue to have a good vision even as we age.


Myth # 2

Multivitamins supply adequate lutein to us.

Fact: Though certain multivitamins contain lutein, the quantity available in them will not be adequate for maintaining the health of our eyes. So, we should either go for specific foods or opt for supplements in order to get the right amount of lutein for our eyes.


Myth # 3

Eating healthy foods will ensure enough supply of lutein to us.

FACT: Unless we specifically eat leafy and dark green vegetables like kale, spinach, etc. as well as other items such as green peas, broccoli, lettuce, and green beans, we cannot get enough of lutein. If we are not able to consume these items regularly, we must go for lutein supplements.


Myth # 4

We can afford to wait until we are affected by eye problems.

FACT: We cannot foresee when issues like vision loss, cataracts, etc. may affect us. So, it is better to take preventive steps like eating the right foods or consuming lutein supplements for our eye health.