How to go about learning SAP HANA as a complete beginner

How to go about learning SAP HANA as a complete beginner

SAP HANA is a revolution in terms of speed. HANA is an in-memory database for SAP. The entire database sits in RAM which makes it a lot faster than a traditional memory database. This allows complex queries and reports to be finished in a reasonable time.

SAP HANA can be quite a new technology to grasp for you and your company. However, with Hitachi ICT Solutions, you can be assured that your team will master it effectively. If you are looking for a SAP HANA vendor Singapore, you should definitely look for them. Check out their site today:

To learn about SAP HANA, you must learn about SAP first. That is a given. Read ahead to find out how you can jump-start your career in SAP. After learning about SAP you can move onto specialize in HANA.

How do I start?

To start with, ask yourself a few questions. The first question you should ask yourself is what you want to do with SAP. If you want to be a consultant, there are three general areas you can fill.

• Functional consultant (functional consultants specialize in one or more modules like finance, controlling, logical, etc.)
• Programming consultant (these consultants specialize in ABAP which is a SAP programming language)
• Basis consultant (basis consultants specialize in running an SAP landscape which includes the database, all of the internal and external interfaces, printing and monitoring and more)
If you wouldn’t like to be a consultant, would you like to work for an IT department of a company that runs SAP? If so, you can specialize in 1 of the three areas above or have a general, broad understanding of each.

After asking yourself these questions, you are ready to pick a training route.

You can –
• Take courses from SAP (this isn’t free and costs a bit of money)
• Take courses from any local training schools (this might be cheaper and easier depending on the school)
• Download the content and teach yourself (this is the cheapest option but is much harder than the above two)

Getting certified in an area of interest is also a plus point but some IT managers don’t really care about certifications. Some really only care about your experience, creativity and drive. However, don’t knock certification out of the window as it will give you a confidence boost and help you land a job much easier than someone without certification.


While SAP looks intimidating to learn, it can land you a very well paid job if you put the time and effort into it. Companies pay people well versed in SAP handsomely because they end up saving a lot more money investing in SAP. People who are SAP qualified enjoy very high paying jobs in the current job market and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.

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