Impact of Flies on Your Business

Do you know that flies can become a big threat to your business if not checked on time? This is particularly true for the food and beverages industry. While compared to pests such as cockroaches and rodents, flies are known to cause the highest cases of employee illnesses. However, the big question is why so?

The reason is that houseflies are capable of spreading a large number of harmful diseases. According to an estimate by the WHO or the World Health Organization, flies can transmit as many as 65 types of diseases. Such diseases have an adverse effect on both staff and customers, eventually leading to a loss in income, staff retention and brand reputation.

Diseases caused by flies

Contrary to mosquitoes that can transmit the disease into your body directly, flies do not bite and are indirect contributors of diseases rather than causing them directly. According to the WHO, flies carry diseases like eye infections, skin infections, and diarrheal diseases have also proved that flies are capable of transmitting food borne pathogens along with resistance to antibiotic and associated toxins.

How can you prevent the occurrence of diseases transmitted by houseflies?

You need to take certain proactive measures to prevent diseases caused by flies and housefly. Such measures can bring down the presence of the houseflies in and around your business and home.

Maintain food hygiene

You can adhere to the following food hygiene practices to prevent the diseases spread by the flies.

  • You should store raw ingredients in a proper hygienic manner. Moreover, vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly before using them.
  • Processing gadgets and areas where you prepare your food should be always hygienic.
  • Utensils for drinking, cooking, and eating should be cleaned properly before using them as well as after being used.

Destroying breeding sites

Some of the breeding sites for flies like animal sheds, excrement and garbage can be the key sources of fly-borne diseases. When you eliminate such breeding sites, the risk of flies carrying the harmful micro-organisms will get reduce. Moreover, flies will also get reduced in your workplace or home.

Professional fly control

Hiring a good pest control company is the most effective method to prevent diseases caused by houseflies. A professional company is capable of offering proactive solutions and services to prevent and control houseflies. So, you can save your worries and get them control flies in your office or home in a professional manner.

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