Why SAP HANA is a game-changer

Why SAP HANA is a game-changer

SAP has cemented itself in the database industry with a game-changing database. It is called SAP HANA. SAP HANA is an in-memory database. With the introduction of HANA, it is now one of the leaders in the database industry.

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HANA is short for “High Performance Analytical Appliance”. In this article, we will explain how SAP HANA is different from its competitors.

So what does SAP HANA do differently from its competitors?
HANA is a database optimized for an analytical workload. For the sake of keeping this article brief, let us look at the two main design pillars of HANA, column base structure and in-memory base

Column base structure
HANA is designed to read and process an astonishing amount of data which looks similar for analytical purposes as soon as possible. Imagine you have pieces of paper with male and female on them and order each piece of paper into piles of paper for a whole school. That would be very large piles of paper. With HANA, you write down 300 males and 400 females on one piece of paper. Obviously, this is more preferable. This makes reading and analyzing data very fast.

In memory
By running a database in memory, updating 70 records can be with regular speed. Reading 10,000 records becomes blazing fast when data is kept in-memory.
A column based database and in-memory database results in transactional work having a similar speed to traditional disk-based databases. In addition to this, analytical work is much faster.

Many people wonder, if HANA is so game-changing why has no one done it before? Designing and creating an in-memory database design is no walk in the park. It is infinitely more complex than it sounds. You have to re-design and re-code everything to fit another memory and hardware type. Looking at this, it is right to say that HANA is a real innovation.

SAP HANA is a real innovation and game-changer in the database industry. It is helping small and large businesses alike around the world become more efficient and giving managers insight into what is happening in their business for decision making. SAP HANA has helped the world leap forward in terms of database management.

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