Calecim Range of Products, Usage and Benefits

Calecim is changing the cosmetic world because of the use of the stem cells from the umbilical cord in the different products. The scientifically prepared skincare products have been delicately formulated after a decade of research. People of all skin types and different ages benefit from the nutrients and components present in this range of Calecim Singapore treatments.

Calecim Multi-Action Cream

This product offers corrective treatment that helps to firm and lift your skin. Once you start using the Multi-Action Cream, you will notice a change in your skin within the first two weeks. However, optimal results will be visible after 90 days.

Use it twice a day, in the morning and evening after cleansing your face. Apply a thin layer on your face and neck. It is vital to pay close attention to areas with signs of volume loss, thinness, skin laxity, premature aging, and loss of facial contours.

Some of the changes you should expect to see after using this cream include the disappearance of wrinkles, firmer skin, and even skin tone. The Multi-Action Cream activates the production of firming proteins within the skin. This is primarily from the growth factors from the umbilical cord lining stem cells. The result is stronger and denser skin with a bright and smooth finish. This cream also helps to boost your skin’s hydration.

Calecim Restorative Hydration Cream

Including this restoration hydration cream to your daily skincare regimen will help your skin to retain the necessary moisture to reduce the effects of dry skin. Dry skin tends to show signs of aging faster than well-moisturized skin.  When you use this cream in the morning and at night, you’ll get multi-level hydration protection for your skin. This product is especially essential if you live in an area where your skin is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

You may choose to use this cream after moisturizing your skin, or combine it with Calecim Multi-Action Cream. You can apply if after using the Multi-Action Cream. Rejuvenating Conditioned Media is the active ingredient in this product. It encourages the natural production of hyaluronic acid, which ensures the skin has maximum hydration necessary to remain smooth and free of blemishes.

If your skin always feels dry, looks tired and stressed, you should start noticing a change within two weeks of using this product. You will also notice the fine lines and wrinkles are less visible. A significant difference should be evident after 90 days of regular use.

Calecim Recovery Night Complex

This product contains protein growth factors and cytokines which is found in the cord lining stem extract. This product is excellent for people with dry, normal, and sensitive skin. It can be used after a cosmetic procedure, distressed and severely dehydrated skin.

One of the components in this product is Niacinamide. It helps clear the skin of environmental oxidative damage. Calmosensine, on the other hand, provides relief from sensitivity. The Recovery Night Complex can be used on its own, or after applying Calecim Professional Serum. Apply before going to bed at night. Wash it off in the morning. If you have had a facial procedure done, it is best to ask your doctor for guidance on the use of this product.


Before buying any of the Calecim range of products, you need to find out which one is most suitable for your skin’s condition. Although they can be used on different skin types, the products have been prepared for different skin conditions. For example, if your skin is dry, you will see better results if you used the restorative hydration cream. Or to help your skin ease into calecim products, consider going for a calecim treatment done by skincare professionals first before investing into a calecim skincare range.

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