Everything You Should Know About Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

The medical world has introduced highly effective rotator cuff injury treatment exclusively for those who are suffering from critical shoulder pain. Rotary cuff injury occurs due to several sports activities and other mobility actions such as digging, swinging shoulders while playing tennis, lifting heavy products and more. The shoulder starts paining and hurting even due to old age because the tendons and tissues become weak and inflamed from repetitive wear and tear movements.

Diagnosis and Treatments of Rotator Cuff Injury

If you are experiencing severe shoulder pain and inflammation on diverse shoulder parts then do not worry, for there are rotator cuff injury treatments available. First it is essential that you visit a physician who will examine your shoulder movements and test the muscle strength around your shoulders. In certain critical conditions your doctor might recommend certain tests, let us analyze few of them.

  • X-rays

Doctors often recommends X-ray test for visualizing the bone stimulation, which will reveal the chief causes such as arthritis etc. for this type of health condition. Though X-rays does not reveal the rotator cuff injuries, it is considered an inevitable diagnosis required for choosing rotator cuff injury treatment.

  • Ultrasound Scanning

The ultrasound imaging tests utilizes sound waves for generating images of constructive structures especially the soft tissues like tendons and muscles. It also analyzes the body structure while shoulder is moving. Your physician will be able to compare between a healthy and affected shoulder for picking an effective treatment options.  

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MRI]

The Magnetic Resonance Technology utilizes radio waves bonded with a strong magnetic technology. It obtains and displays detailed images of the body structures exclusively in the affected shoulder region. Quality of the MRI scan images will be of crisp clear and visible only if the equipment is excellent quality. Therefore, all these diagnoses are very important for your physician to choose the best rotator cuff injury treatment, depending on your health condition.

Home remedies for rotator cuff injury treatment  

If your rotator cuff injury is minor then it can be easily treated with proper rest, care and following home remedies.

  • Stop performing certain stressful shoulder movements such as overhead lifting or heavy load lifting activities etc. and give complete rest for your arms until your pain and inflammation is completely relieved.
  • Rotator cuff injury treatment of applying hot pack and ice sheet over the inflamed shoulders helps in reducing pain. Initially it is essential that you apply Cold sheet every four to five hours, for up to 15 minutes. Once the inflammation has been reduced and the pain has improved, you can use heating bags for relaxing the sore and tightened muscles.
  • In case your pain is severe but bearable then you can buy over the counter medications or according to Doctor’s prescriptions certain pain killer medicines or steroid injections in the joints for speedy relief.
  • Regain strength with physiotherapy exercises as guided by a professional trainer. These stretching exercises will help in strengthening and regaining painless mobility in your shoulders.
  • Surgery is suggested by your physician in rare cases as a last choice, especially when the injury is traumatic and critical. During irreparable conditions your shoulder Doctor might recommend a shoulder replacement surgery. Therefore it is very important that you consult with your physician before opting for the best treatment.

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