Healthy Lifestyle for Knee Arthritis

Everyone deserves a chance in leading a healthy lifestyle, especially those who have been diagnosed with joint disease such as knee arthritis. Our knees consist of cartilage that helps with absorbing the shock wave from every joint movement. However, when cartilage, which is known to act as cushioning surface on the end of bones, wears away, it causes bone to rub against bone and results in swelling pain, swelling and to the point of having difficulties to resume walking.

Risk factors of knee arthritis include family history, age, excessive weight and previous injury. Many get extremely devastated once they are diagnosed with joint disease because they have the perception that it will hinder them from walking and doing other activities that require leg strength. But, there are actually tons of arthritis knee treatment activities that people can exercise for a better and healthier lifestyle such as water aerobics, strength training and Tai Chi.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics are one of the strongly recommended activities for people with knee arthritis because of the component of water resistance and buoyancy. Exercising in water is strength-training oriented due to the water resistance, which means walking in water requires more effort and burns more calories than on-land walking.

Although it feels as if working out underwater is not as tiring as land-based, the heart works as hard and blood pumping is more encouraged when in water. There is also aquatic walking for people with arthritis have a hard time walking. This exercise will help strengthening their leg muscle as water buoyancy reduces impact on joints and minimizes pain. Many get into water aerobics because exercising is a lot more fun in water.

Strength Training

Strength training consists of many other types of activities and it’s never boring! Just a reminder, even youngsters can be diagnosed with arthritis, so this lifestyle can be followed by those gym junkies. Body weight exercise is also known as calisthenics, a simple but effective way to improve body stability, flexibility and endurance with minimal equipments. Push-ups or planks can be altered to cater to your personal needs. Exercise ball or known as Swiss ball/physio ball/stability ball is used to increase core strength (muscles of the abdomen, pelvis and back). Arms and legs will simultaneously be benefited with strength. The exercise is simple, you’re required to lie on top of the ball, drag your feet on it and even put the ball against the wall. Of course, it can be modified to your comfort.


Tai Chi is a famously known internal Chinese martial art that’s practiced for its defense training, health and meditation. It consists of gracefully slow movements to reduce stress and offer arthritis pain relief at the same time. It focuses on the physical health and mental aspect. The style of tai chi suitable to minimize arthritis pain will be the Sun style that uses high stance but slow movements for breathing and relaxation purposes.

In conclusion, people who are diagnosed with arthritis should not give up on healthy living just because you’re not well in health. There are many exercise substitution that can easily be modified to accommodate to your situation to still lead a healthy lifestyle.

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