What is the Latest Aesthetic Skin Treatment in the Market?

The cosmetic industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world. Singapore is not any less affected by this either and annually the women here spend roughly around $30 to $50 each month on cosmetics and face maintenance alone. The value is some cases even goes up to the thousands. There are examples of extreme procedures that not everyone would like on their faces or bodies, but some would go for such invasive procedures. Looking good, younger and healthier has always been a trend but keeping up is not that easy. Working out and exercising does promise much but not everyone can spare time and effort. So, now the more popular demand is to look better by not doing anything, except sparing a little cash.

Enhance your Facial Beauty

The face is the most looked at body part than any other. Any scars, acne or dullness is considered unhealthy and the person unattractive. Beauty conscious men and specially women go through a tremendous amount of work to make it as smooth as possible. From facial massages to herbal treatments, we’ve all been there. Surgeries are not as desired as other treatments because they have a tendency of leaving scars and not to mention the amount of time required for recovery. Therefore, more and more people are opting for a better skin without having to go under the knife.

Rejuran Treatment for Face

The latest in the market is the new Rejuran treatment procedure that promises a healthier more ravishing skin that heals itself. There is no surgery involved and the treatment is very safe. Deemed as a, “miracle treatment” the patient is injected with the formula that is polynucleotides. These polynucleotides are derived from salmon DNA which is very similar to our own. The reason DNA of salmon is used it because it has rejuvenating properties that heals damaged skin tissues making them whole again. Once injected, it improves the microcirculation of the vessels in the facial area and revitalizes collagen which results in a repaired, more toned face that is devoid of wrinkles. The formula is tested and modified to exclude any or all protein that might damage the nerve system of the body. And the fact that salmon DNA is very similar to that of the humans makes it very safe to use. And for those people who have multiple aesthetic treatment going on alongside this treatment can rest assured that it can be carried out simultaneously with them.

Are there any Side Effects?

So far there are no side effects that are reported post treatment, except for the probable bruising and discoloration after injecting the formula. However, there is a limitation to the research that has been put into it post treatment.

Fast Healing with Rejuran Treatments

The skin fundamentally consists of collagen, and as one ages it can be damaged due to several reasons. Rejuran treatment not only heals this damaged collagen but revitalizes it making one look younger than they are. The people who have tried it so far have expressed extreme delight on the easiness of application, quick healing and of course the exceptional results. Its popularity has swept Singapore off its feet. More people are desirous of having it on their own faces for a healthier, younger and beautiful skin.

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